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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan took a hiatus from her acting career when she gave birth to baby Aaradhya, gaining a few pounds along the way. She was criticized by a large section of the public and the media for not having lost the weight she had gained during her pregnancy. This diva made the right choice. She took her time, enjoying motherhood and her curvy body to the fullest. But soon, the actress stunned the media and the public with her recent appearance.

The celebrity-wife-mother is now flaunting a slim, graceful figure with none of the poundage she gained during her pregnancy. Aishwarya weight loss is extremely noticeable and has the media going gaga over this beauty. Get the low down here! Sources close to Ash say that she is very disciplined and stays away from junk, fried or fatty foods, her preference being boiled vegetables, fresh fruits and juices.

A fat-free diet is the secret behind her aishwarya rai weight loss 2013 skin and svelte physique. The star even prefers brown rice over white rice. Aishwarya rai weight loss 2013 actress prefers eating several small meals throughout the day as opposed to two or three large meals. Her portion sizes are small and satiating, without being uncomfortably large. Aishwarya Rai weight loss diet includes fruits, leafy green vegetables and dairy products in the right quantities.

Eating fresh fruits everyday also keeps her skin healthy and radiant. Aishwarya rai weight loss 2013 fruits and veggies, the former Miss World also drinks a glass of hot water with lemon and honey for a glowing complexion. The actress keeps herself well hydrated with eight glasses of water a day, essential for a healthy body, good metabolism, and burning fat.

Drinking enough water a day is also excellent for the skin and hair, boosting hair volume, keeping her locks silky and nourished and her skin free of oil, grease, and spots. The actress loves food, but ensures that she monitors her daily calorie intake to keep it in check. Ash also loves cooking and eats homemade food whenever possible to stay fit. Cutting back on eating out, junk food and unhealthy snacking has helped this beautiful actress shed her baby flab in a few short weeks, leaving her looking lithe, suave, and fresh.

The actress, as is well known, does not prefer working out at a gym, but practices yoga to keep the body healthy, flexible, and supple. Yoga and a great diet are the two big secrets behind her lovely face and body. Besides yoga, Ash is also currently undergoing functional training at home, with a full cardio workout. Now that you know how the elegant Mrs. Bachchan manages her weight, go out and get your own diet plan to look as beautiful as the former Miss World!

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