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By Michael Jorrin, "Doc Gumshoe"July 28, [ed. His words and thoughts are his own. Let me begin with a disclaimer: I am not skinny, but neither am I fat. This chapter in the Epistles of Doc Gumshoe is neither an forskolin flame nor a stern lecture. True, a year or so ago, at my regular medical tune-up, a nurse erroneously subtracted a full four inches from my height, forskolin flame in consequences, calculated my BMI as being just over the lower boundary for obesity.

This was because she was a very, very short woman, and could not see to the top of my head. When Forskolin flame saw that my medical record showed that I was obese, I fussed considerably, but to no avail. What was written was written. Perhaps because of that bit of incorrect information, which has somehow leaked out into cyberspace, I am bombarded daily — nay, hourly, it seems!

Naturally, my mean-spirited nature has led me to scrutinize these, and to seek answers to two principal questions: One, is there a possibility that some of these weight-loss schemes might work, at least a little? I think they try to diet a bit in addition to taking their magic pill. Second, it depends on the degree of obesity. At a certain forskolin flame, obesity itself is a clear and present danger, and just about forskolin flame that gets rid of some avoirdupois helps alleviate the danger.

The first one that I took a close look at was forskolin flame an outfit called BioTrust Nutrition, whose slogan and website is fixyourbloodsugar. I seem to remember that a former presidential candidate, with credentials in the pizza business, was sending a zillion emails to all and sundry, directing them to forskolin flame website.

Perhaps he was trying to compensate for having fattened people up with his pizza. The pleasing premise of this outfit is forskolin flame all weight gain is due to insulin resistance. The reasoning goes as follows: in a healthy person with normal insulin function, all blood sugar is metabolized and converted to energy, therefore none of it is converted to loathsome fat.

That line forskolin flame reasoning omits conversion of glucose to glycogen, but so what. Forskolin flame the face of it, every single denizen of Gumshoeland sees a problem with this: energy is demand, and forskolin flame sugar is supply, and if the supply exceeds the demand, what are we going forskolin flame do with it? Store it, of course.

He starts out proclaiming that there are four foolproof ways to deal with insulin resistance and lose weight. Three blind alleys and the True Way. Way number one is exercise. Intense, weight-bearing exercise for at least one hour a day will do the trick. Unfortunately, this is not practical for most people. Way number two is megadoses of cinnamon. Unfortunately, the cinnamon you can buy at the grocery store is forskolin flame not real cinnamon — it might even be cinnamon-flavored saw dust.

Way number three is a really, really strict forskolin flame — no sugar and no carbohydrates. Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to subsist on kale and quinoa. Sounds good, but will it work? Thus, the components of IG-5 do have some potential activity in controlling insulin resistance and treating Type 2 diabetes. But, going back to the presentation by the fixyourboodsugar. Granting that the ingredients in IG-5 have medicinal properties forskolin flame some kind, there remain serious doubts about the efficacy and safety of this preparation.

We have no idea of what the right doses of these agents are. The effects forskolin flame ingesting any substance depend greatly on the dose. At one end of the spectrum, in minuscule doses, a particular substance may not do anything at all, while at the other end it may kill you. My guess regarding the dosage of active ingredients in most supplements is forskolin flame the manufacturers err on the low side.

That would not be good for business. But getting the dose right requires lots of clinical studies, and, as we know, those are expensive. Drug interactions are by no means uncommon; some can have quite serious consequences. For example, some antihistamines now off the market were metabolized and excreted via the same pathway as some common antibiotics and forskolin flame some foods e.

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