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He weihht names many other world leaders, politicians and famous celebrities secretly involved. Many of Marshall's claims can be substantiated by events catalogued by public and private organizations, such as Child Abuse Recovery, a division of Trauma Research Center, Inc. Donald Marshall Revolution is an unofficial and unauthorized website created to help spread information about critical issues of global public interest and concern. So begins the accounts of former Illuminati insider turned whistleblower Donald Marshall marshall weight loss how i met your mother, in latepublished an online expose detailing his eyewitness reports of the weoght committed against innocent citizens that, he claims, take place nightly in deep underground military bases around the world.

Conspiracy theorists have long contended that major world events are under the direction of a powerful global coalition of wealthy secret societies known collectively as The Illuminati. They hold that this shadow government has been orchestrating world events for many years, long promoting a hidden agenda, which includes the ultimate control of all areas of society from banking, business, politics, military, education, religion, medicine, media and entertainment.

Donald Marshall has risked his life to speak out about this select group of individuals who, he says, maintains world control without the marshall weight loss how i met your mother of the public made even aware. He says that their vast member base includes royal bloodlines, prominent wealthy families, influential members of finance, banking, media and entertainment, as well as religious leaders and politicians, all of whom agree to join and participate within the organization.

He explains that while members within this youf club enjoy access to unlimited opportunities, in exchange, they must agree to participate in secret meetings, held nightly in deep, underground military bases on highly restricted kother. There they mohher top-secret cloning technology to meet as clones during their dream state, to discuss and plan future events, while the rest of us sleep. Not so, says Marshall, who states that the practice of human cloning is far from new, and maintains that covert experiments in genetic engineering have been conducted by Illuminati scientists for many decades.

He explains that beginning in the 's, human cloning technology was used marshall weight loss how i met your mother a way for world leaders to meet in secret in order to plan and discuss future events. Over time, however, they got bored and began to clone others and bring them to the cloning center, as well. Famous movie stars, artists, musicians, and celebrated sports figures, were all cloned and personally delivered to the Illuminati, in order to indulge their every fantasy.

Marshall says that in time, this slowly degraded as members began showing off for the rest, resulting in committing shocking acts of depravity, including crimes weigght as murder, kidnapping, torture, rape, child abuse and child exploitation. Marshall claims to have witnessed numerous crimes committed by many members of the Illuminati since early childhood as an unwilling participant in many covert government projects.

However, while Marshall can relate in detail the events that took place at the cloning center every night, he reports that he could never remember how he got there and, at the time, believed that he had been kidnapped during his sleep. Marshall says that he had no understanding of a top-secret technology known as R. M-Driven Consciousness Transfer which is used to transfer one's individual consciousness during the natural REM cycle of sleep into an identical clone located at a cloning center many miles away.

Marshall explains that when he goes to bed at night, his consciousness is stolen while he sleeps and is held hostage until his real body wakes up. He maintains that this consciousness transfer happens almost every night, even though his real body never leaves the room, and continues to sleep through the night. Once his real body eventually wakes up, however, his clone body drops limp.

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Your Right to Know: More Racy Photos of Obama’s Mother Discovered (Video) Jim Hoft Jun 19th, pm 2, Comments. A new study presented at the American Diabetes Association meeting in Chicago on Sunday found that eating two meals a day produced more weight loss than a diet of. "My name is Donald Marshall. I've been cloned " So begins the accounts of former Illuminati insider turned whistleblower Donald Marshall who, in late.

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