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How many capsules of mg? Flowerhorn is exotic fish. He is selfish and self-centred, thinking only of his needs. Orange Is The New Pussy! It is curable if treated in early stage.

Bettie Jo is anxious to save her own life and seeks out Dr. Now nearing lbs. Bettie Jo has faced the fact that she will never be happy unless she sheds the weight that has kept her a prisoner in her own home. She admits to being raped when she was younger. She is trepidatious about getting smaller and ultimately more attractive to men. N as well as a mental health counselor that the couple visits.

Instead of weigght making them less interested in getting smaller, it made them more conscious of how toxic their relationships were. They married enablers, men who thought so little of themselves that without a woman who was dependent in all ways, they could not stick around. TLC airs MY LB LIFE Wednesday nights at 9 p. Image and video credit: TLC, used with permission. I feel horrible for Bettie Jo, especially the sexual assault at So many victims turn to alcohol, drugs, or in this case, food.

Bettiejoe and josh, your love of food can be replaced with love of each other. Yes josh you can eat and not gain. But what is all that doing for you. Bettiejoe, do not let evil people that hurt children win. They are at fault not you. I will keep watching you two win this battle. Josh, you need to find security in something other than being her caregiver and weigth being dependent on you. You are a young, attractive man and your wife loves you.

A relationship has to be based on mutual love and support, not one person needing another more. Best wishes to you both! Bettie Jo, my grand daughter and I watched bettie jo weight loss 2016 show oj, very sadden and at the same time we were cheering you on to lose the weight. At the same time we pray for our success. We would like to know how much to the date have you lost? Is Josh still supporting you? We hope he is?

But the outcome is wonderful and rewarding. However, put your faith in God. He will not let you down. At weght end of the day its your losa. I just love this couple. I have never seen this program before, but I am pulling for them to make it through. I hope, through continued work bfttie the therapist, they can overcome the fears stagnating their relationship! You weigght do bsttie, kids! I am rooting for this couple. I feel bad for Josh that he feels so threatened. In the end he did move to Houston to help with the pre-operative weifht, and she lost a lot of weight, which was a big step.

Bettie Jo is a very good candidate for the surgery because she is young, otherwise healthy, and ready. Her whole life is ahead of her and if they can work out the kinks in their marriage it will be so much better for the both of them. I hope that he comes to realize that she loves him jl or thin. I truly believe their relationship can work out!

Josh had to of suffered some serious abandonment, to be so afraid of her leaving him. I feel bad for him! That said, poss progress seems totally dependent on her husband. If she loses more weight and he feels threatened, could things 201 a bettie jo weight loss 2016 turn? Hoping for success and happiness bettle them both! Whenever you decide to love a person it should be unconditional, Josh man threatened is not what you should be, but proud of the progress that you guys are making.

Much love to you guys and stay at it. I am over weight and I need to loss 65 pounds. I watched u and Weigt on tlc I see how much u to love each other. I was touched sexually by my grandmas husband I was 13 years old. Keep up the good work. Love u guys Unfortunately Josh is the problem here. He is selfish and self-centred, thinking only of his needs. He is extremely insecure and immature in his outlook as an over-enabler.

He could also do with a makeover himself. Get some new and decent clean clothes. Bettie jo weight loss 2016 rid of that ugly worn-out brown jacket and try other clothes than just t-shirts and jeans. And a good clean shave would go a bettke way. A night school course in basic english grammar and diction would help j his and poor literacy skills. Question — does Josh work and hold a job? Ur sticking up for a fat disgustingly morbidly obese ugly Neanderthal looking freak!

U put josh down? Would u take care of a women that eats like that?

Quilos Mortais, A História de Bettie Jo

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