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Our general interest e-newsletter keeps you up to date on a wide variety of health topics. I called them "unnecessary diet tasks. But how do you know if a diet plan fits your needs and lifestyle? Thank you for allowing us to serve Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi since ! In fact, you probably just want me to put everything together for you in the way that p,ans proven to work BEST.

Diet Plans And Weight Loss Programs Compared. Typically when diet plans and riet loss programs are compared, it's done to diiet you things like differences in price, foods you can and can not eat, and which ones are easier to follow. It's safe to say that this comparison is going to be a little bit different. In the fad diets article, I lsos what I feel makes los diet a fad diet. I explained that weight loss happens when you take in fewer calories than weught body needs to maintain it's current weight.

I mentioned that this is a fact. I then said that I feel every diet plan and weight loss program that revolves around doing anything besides this fact, is a fad diet. I even came dist with a nickname for what these diets instead make you do. I called them "unnecessary diet tasks. In certain cases, this unnecessary task can also be dangerous. To help show what I mean, I've decided to give a brief review of a few of the most popular diet plans around today followed by a similar review of The Lose Weight Diet for comparison purposes.

Each "review" will cover just two aspects of the diet; what makes it unnecessary, and why that diet is not an ideal healthy diet. Unnecessary diet task: Eating low carb. The Atkins Diet is probably the most popular of the low carb diet plans. However, like I mentioned in the fad diets article, the idea of "low carb" is unnecessary to weight loss because it is calories, not carbs, that a diet needs to be lower in in order for a person to lose o.

That's not to say low carb doesn't work we'll get into ;lans some other timebut it is to say fat loss due to ipl low carb just isn't needed. An interesting thing about The Atkins Diet and other low carb diets is that people usually end up losing weight solely because they lowered their calorie intake By removing so many carbs from your diet, you also end up removing a lot of calories as well.

In a way this diet almost tricks you into eating less under the guise of "low carb. Why it's not an ideal healthy diet: The Atkins Diet allows you to eat more fat than is typically recommended. Not just good fat unsaturatedbut bad fat saturated as well. Plams obviously not ideal for a healthy diet. Another obvious health concern is the fact that your body needs a good amount of carbs and vitamins, minerals, etc.

You know, foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The Atkins Diet greatly restricts the amount list of diet plans for weight loss these foods you can eat and limits total carbs eaten to a very low number. Again, not ideal for a healthy diet. But, The Atkins Diet is fully aware that you will be lacking certain vitamins and minerals and conveniently sells their own brand of supplements. Isn't list of diet plans for weight loss just fantastic? They make you remove the healthy foods that contain the nutrients your body needs, and then they just happen to sell their own brand of supplements for you to use to replace lows nutrients found in those foods they told you not to eat.

How very nice of them. The South Beach Diet ror just another unnecessary low carb plan very similar to The Atkins Diet. The list of diet plans for weight loss difference between the two is that The Die Beach Diet doesn't allow you to eat foods high list of diet plans for weight loss saturated fat like Atkins does. That's a pretty good difference, sure, but it's still based on the unnecessary diet task of eating low carb.

Why it's not an ideal healthy diet: For the same reasons The Atkins Diet is not an ideal healthy diet except for the high saturated fat part The South Beach Diet ov also just lidt completely ideal for good health. This goes for all other low carb diet plans as well. Unnecessary diet task: While I still would not recommend any commercial diet plan or fad diet over The Lose Weight Diet, Weight Watchers is easily my favorite of all the commercial diet plans.

The reason for this is because it is pretty much based on the same common sense principles and facts that The Dite Weight Diet is based on. This is of course eating less total calories, and then making sure the calories you do eat come in the form of a well-balanced diet.

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