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Injection Lipolysis, Lipodissolve-Injections, Lipomelt-Therapy, Flab-Jab…. A new method fat burner available in the philippines body contouring Injection Lipolysis is experiencing growing worldwide popularity in the field of aesthetics. Originally criticized by established cosmetic surgeons, it has now gained a foothold due to very good results and almost hardly any unwanted side effects.

The short history of Lipolysis began in when Sergio Maggiory, an Italian doctor, reported his results at the 5 th, Mesotherapy Congress in Rome after having injecting the substance phosphatidylcholine in xanthelasmas around fat burner available in the philippines. Rittes from Brazil published her successful work on lower eye bulges. Franz Hasengschwandtner, the owner of a diet and nutrition clinic in Austriabegan a new treatment protocol using a new compound mixture with a wider range of application.

He initiated research groups and in became first a member and soon after research and medical director of the now worldwide Network Lipolysis. Network Lipolysis was founded by two public relations experts Mr. Bunzek — Germany who worked in medical management at that time and whose aim it was to initiate research into Lipolysis and furthermore to hold workshops around the world to teach the most effective Network treatment protocol.

This was necessary because at that time the pharmaceutical industry did not see any potential in this field - biopsies, ultrasound findings, blood values, animal trials — all had to be paid for through the membership fees of Network members. The first workshops were held in Germany, Austria, and were soon followed by England, the USA, France, the whole of Europe, India, Asia Australia and Africa.

Nowadays Network Lipolysis has approx. At present what we know of the function of Lipolysis is like a patchwork, it is a scientific jigsaw in which only a few small pieces are still missing. The injected active agent phosphatidylcholine is a lecithin which contains two unsaturated fatty acids Linoleic- and alpha Lionleic acids extracted from the soya plant.

Phosphatidylcholine is a body own product, produced by the body itself, but which includes saturated fatty acids Palmitic- Oleic- and Stearic-acid. It is found in all cell membranes, is highly concentrated in the membrane of liver cells and adipocytes and surrounds as sphyngomyeline the nerves. It occurs naturally, for instance, in the lungs of embryos from the 4 th month on. In this case it is loaded with Palmitic acid and enables the inflation and deflation of the lungs preventing them sticking together.

It performs a similar function as a lubricant in the intestines to avoid adhesions. To make phosphatidylcholine injectable it requires a solvent which also needs to be a detergent substance. In the case of phosphatidylcholine it is deoxycholic acid which is a gallic acid. PPC phosphatidyl-choline, deoxycholic acid and benzylalcoholwhich is injected into the subcutaneous fatty tissue with very thin needles, spreads like a table tennis ball.

The final step is fat burner available in the philippines transportation into the liver, mostly over high density lipoproteins HDL and metabolization via the citric acid cycle through beta-oxydation. The histopathology shows a liquefying necrosis and, to a lesser extent, an apoptosis without forming granulation tissue, necrotic tissue and pus. Injections into the wrong tissue, due to carelessness or lack of proper training, i.

However, a dissolution of hetero-tissue has never taken place and these side effects caused by an incorrect technique disappear after a short time. Nerves are surrounded by sphyngomyeline, which, apart from phosphatidylcholine, is the second most important phospholipid in the body. The relation between phosphatidylcholine and sphyngomyeline is Due to a different composition with long-chained fatty acids and the esterification of phosphatidylcholine on the —OH group, sphymgomyeline is resistant against the detergent effect of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic-acid.

Phosphatidylcholine, used for aesthetic purposes, is already widely accepted in the intravenous and partially oral treatment of fatty embolism, as a liver medication and for severe disturbances in fat metabolism.


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