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These fruits contain more vm and carbohydrate content which can be difficult to digest by our digestive system. Day Seven Today your food intake will consist of brown rice, fruit juices and. I bought Apple gm diet plan list papaya and planning to start from tomorrow. So, i'd suggest you not to add any such additional foods. However, it incorporates already known aspects of weight loss that have had fantastic results! Im taking herbalife 2 timeslkst and for dinner Dairy products such as milk and yogurt cannot be eaten until day 4.

I have completed my second day of diet. It just says a bowl. I have several different sized bowls You can have as much as you want! Gm diet plan list wont make a gm diet plan list. Anonymous and Lisf There is no limit on the quantity of foods you eat on the first 3 days of the diet. The bowl is just for an example. However, if you want to know the ideal size of the bowl, then it would be ML capacity the one I am using.

Just want to ask if I can have the wonder soup on daily basis or on at certain days? Hello, you can consume the soup on Days 2, 3, 4, 6 without any limit or when you gm diet plan list hungry. For the rest of the days 1, 5, 7try to avoid it. Would there be any side affects if I have to lkst hungry for hrs while doing this diet?? The main motto of the GM Diet is to not stay hungry while losing weight.

The only side effect would be mild headache if you do so. I suggest you not to starve while doing this diet for better results. Eat to your hearts content. While melon is rich in water content, papaya boosts your digestion. So, i'd suggest you not to skip these two fruits. However, you can decrease the quantity of melon and papaya in your diet and increase other fruits which you've listed. But, don't skip them completely. All the best for your diet. Papaya and Kiwi are not easily located in my country if at all Dearcan I use Gallina Blanca chicken stock cubes for cooking vegetables of day 2 as a flavour and also instead of using salt?

So, i'd suggest you not to add any such additional foods. Instead use salt and pepper for taste. I hd 1 small banana on my first day ,shd I skip or continue? Can I drink green tea with honey while following this diet? Is g ok to bake the potatoes on day 2 instead of boiling? CAN I HAVE A BOWL OF OATS OR VEG SOUP ON DAY 1 AS I Gm diet plan list TO EAT SWEET FRUITS ALL DAY LONG Yes, you can have gm diet plan list, but only 2 small or 1 big, that too for breakfast.

Can I drink green tea thrice a day during the diet on all seven days without adding any sugar or honey? Also, is it okay to walk on the treadmill for 30 mins everyday while on the diet? I am planning to start the diet tomorrow. Thank you : Yes, you can have green tea. Just regular walking is ok but don't do strenuous exercises during the first 4 days of the diet.

Can I have sweet lime instead of orange? Orange is not available in my area during this time. Gmm, any fruit except bananas is acceptable on the first day. Can I have a bowl of oranges for breakfast instead of apples? I cant able to find watermelon or musk melon in my area at this season. Please suggest me any other supplement instead of this.

I bought Apple and papaya and planning to start from tomorrow. Sweet lime, oranges, papaya, pineapple, apple, pear apple full of water and every fruit you can imagine except banana. Yes, there is no wrong in it, but you may feel nausea if you depend only on gm diet plan list or any 1 fruit in that case. So, better try variations and combinations.

Remember that you can eat limitless on the first 3 days. If i drink lime with hot water in the early morning in the Diet Plan from 1 day to 7 th day.?? Reply me quick It is good but don't add honey as it could put on some extra calories which is not good for our diet. On day 1, Can i have home made lemon juice with proper amt of sugar n salt? Yes, you can have lime water didt a pinch of salt but not sugar. Hi, firstly thanks for reply our msg My taking herbalife protein drinks Need ur advice and diet plan for ppl for having herbalife.

Ciet taking herbalife 2 timesmorning and for dinner I cnt eat food for 4 hour once I have plam product but cn take fruits gm diet plan list feel hungry. Gm diet plan list, i suggest you to follow only 1, either herbalife or gm diet but don;t combine both. It can add up calories. Thank you so much GM diet really works,i lost 3 kgs in 7day gm diet.

Plz reply coz i do not want to give gap nd continue my 2nd 7day gm diet It is advised to give a gap of at least 5 to 7 days before starting the next week diet In your case, you can have a cup of tea without sugar and continue the lizt. I thot of strtg my diet plan today.

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Video embedded  · GM Diet Day 1: Find how to prepare for General Motors diet plan and what foods to eat on Day 1 of GM diet plan. Eat all fruits except banana. General Motors: Weight Loss Diet Program. This plan can be used as often as you like without any fear of complications. Starting the GM Diet? Make sure you know the complete diet plan and prepare beforehand with this detailed grocery list to ensure a smooth and effective diet.

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