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We wrote a whole article about it here. You can use sugar substitutes but not sugar to sweeten drinks. It is possible that some links will connect you to content weightloes. Are you among those people asking about hcg weightloss drops side effects differences between prescription drops and Homeopathic drops? Skip to topics menu. No salmon, eel, tuna, herring, or dried or pickled fish are allowed. Appointments at Mayo Clinic.

Side Effects and Dangers of the HCG Diet. So effefts interested in Hcg weightloss drops side effects diet drops and the HCG diet, but you're doing your research and you want to know about hcg weightloss drops side effects effects. You've come to the right place. Note however that this is not intended to be medical advice; this page is only for informational purposes. A lot depends on the type of HCG you are taking. As mentioned in our first article on this subject, the prescription form of HCG is the one most likely to cause serious, negative side effects -- but it is still rare.

We wrote a whole article about it here. Other types of HCG, including homeopathic HCG drops and true homeopathic substitutions, are much easier on your body. Unlike prescription HCG injections, homeopathic formulas have no known side effects, so you can take them without worry. That leaves the diet itself. The HCG diet is usually a big change from your average, everyday diet.

The HCG weight loss protocol calls for just calories per day, taken from a specially chosen list of high-protein, high-nutrient foods. But the very low calories plus few calories from carbs does have an effect. Possible side effects of the HCG diet eating plan may include: Constipation You'll be eating a lot less than you're used to, and there will naturally be less to excrete. People on the HCG diet can have bowel movements as much as 3 or 4 days apart.

This isn't considered to be true constipation unless you know you need to go but can't get it out. A mild sugar-free laxative should hdg your troubles. Drink plenty of water as well rffects help smooth out the tract and soften things up. Headache During the first week of the HCG diet your body has to adjust, and you may experience headaches.

This is probably the most common side effect. You can take any standard, over-the-counter painkiller to treat this problem. Also be sure to drink a lot of water every day of the HCG diet, ideally much more than the suggested 2 quarts. See a dcotor if you have a headache that lasts longer than 10 days. Dizziness Another fairly common, but temporary, side effect of the low calorie, low carb Weigytloss diet plan is dizziness.

It's usually mild and almost always goes away after the first week. Leg Cramps This is a rare side effect that's caused by the low levels of potassium you get on the HCG diet. It's dgops treated by taking a potassium supplement. Even better, take a multivitamin like the aforementioned Vita-X that already includes potassium along with other important nutrients you'll need weihhtloss the HCG diet. Rash Another rare side effect is skin rash.

On the HCG diet, your body will be burning and consuming fat at an incredible speed. As fat cells are consumed, normal toxins are released into the body. If they build up, they will cause a skin rash. This problem can be minimized hcg weightloss drops side effects drinking lots of water to help flush out those toxins. Hair Thinning Some dieters report hair thinning.

If it happens, it is temporary. Note we are talking here about thinning hair, not hair loss in clumps or patches that is alopecia and is not caused by dieting. Normally, hair thinning, if it happens, starts after 3 months of continuous dieting -- in other words it should not be a problem on the HCG diet. If you see it happening, you probably need to increase your protein intake. Insufficient vitamins and minerals may also be the cause which is one reason why it is good to take a multivitamin from the beginning.

The side effects mentioned above only occur in a small portion of HCG dieters, and as mentioned they can often be prevented, treated efects common medications, or simply waited out. Other Concerns Some concerns from any VLCD very low calorie diet include gallstone formation and heart issues like arrhythmias or palpitations. In other words the HCG diet is very unlikely to cause any problems there.

Heart issues are naturally a more concerning subject, but it has to be dealt with. Our goal with this site is to be open and honest. The truth is that VLCD programs have not actually been proven to be a cause of reported heart issues.

HCG Diet Dangers - Warning to All HCG Drops Consumers

Side effects have also been et al. Human chorionic gonadotropin is of no "Mayo," " Mayo Clinic," " myzlife.ru," " Mayo Clinic Healthy Living," and the. Previous HCG Drops Review What are the side effects of HCG drops? Some potential HCG drops side effects may include heart palpitations, edema. HCG for Weight Loss. In this Article In this Article such as oral drops, pellets, HCG Diet Council.

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