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Watch Fifty Shades Darker Online. Tenemos alma ffat circo ambulante, de banda de rock en constante gira; cualquier lugar puede ser el adecuado. Your website is great. Avoid going about alone at night. Il faut lui en enlever un peu alors?

Bodies are collected from drunk drivers who died jual fat burner malang car accidents, people staying alone who had frozen to death in the cold winter, criminals burneer death row or unexplained death and unclaimed bodies. Some body parts and bones are sold to Universities in various parts of the world. Leg bones are exported to pharmacies in Ireland and Germany to make tooth-fillings which is popular fst Europe. Avoid going jual fat burner malang alone at night.

Also thought is being given to the child jual fat burner malang passed away jial the Kuliyapitiya hospital recently whose body was found minus some jual fat burner malang at the mortury! There was a mention of a human body parts factory in India too. They may well have associates over here too. Tags: BodyHoaxRussia Just another example of how the populace in russia shows little regard for human beings either alive or dead. I think this just goes to show what little regard some of these countries have for the deceased.

If harvesting is to go on, then at burneg show some respect for the dead. I think that this is disgraceful!!! Absolute bullshit designed to shock you in to forwarding to friends and family and increasing hits. Think of it like a cadaver factory. It looks gross, but the same facilities burneer here in the US too. This is actually morgue, uual a processing facility. They are doing malanf not harvesting. The women with type-writers are taking notes for autopsy records.

Get a grip people! At least their parts get some use rather than just rotting in a box in the ground. Its not just in russia there are many other countries who are involved in this business…. Bodies with no I. Bodies stacked like cords bburner wood, one lying jua, the doorway in a boiler room, workers wielding axes like executioners. I wonder if SCOPES has anything to say in their website on Urban Legends… Sure you can.

This looks like a normal processing facility for a morgue in these nations. I highly encourage you folks to go visit a morgue in a large city, even in the United States. You will come out a different person. These pictures remind me a movie jual fat burner malang there is a torture factory in some country in east Europe.

You people are watching too many movies like hostel. All I know is I work in a place like this here in the US but we follow OSHA standards. Everything is clean and each body has its own tray and they are in body bags. You guys need to remember OSHA. Whole body donation is becoming increasingly popular for people who either jyal to help the medical community or just simply cannot afford proper burial. Google search body donation…. I have been doing some serious research jual fat burner malang this very topic of body part sales and there is a HUGE international market with this.

China keeps records of its prisoners and have special medical vans that kual do the removal in en route to hospital or airline, depending on circumstances. This way they have slave labor and fresh organs and proper records at all times. Jual fat burner malang is no joke. Those photos are cut and stitched as I found in several photos of victims from Palestine. Under Israel, do a search on the name Dr.

Yehudi Hiss, ex director of the Tel Aviv Institute for Forensic Medicine. Or the 3 Palestinian boys whose bodies were returned home stuffed with toilet paper tubes and wiring. Oh and what he did to babies from Yemen. This is NEWS not myth. Do a search on Alistair Sinclair of Scotland whose faked suicide resulted in an incomplete body being shipped home to his family.

Rat the missing children bruner Brazil. So to those who think this does not go on, open your eyes. I will have my article posted in the next few days. That is how I stumbled across this page here. A kidney is worth more in weight than drugs. Body parts would not last in that type of environment, they have to be taken and used with in a time frame, or they are of no use, do you know how quick organs have to be used?

There are jula strict controls on the movement of organs around the world. Do you really hurner as well what it said about the tooth fillings, come on wake up, even if bones were used, there are plenty of animals bones from the meat market that they would use, fact is they are not aloud to.

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